In line with our investment philosophy, we invest a significant portion of our assets in the funds we manage.

The “Opportunistic Deep Value Fund” (WKN: A2DVS8 / ISIN: DE000A2DVS85) is an investment fund licensed to operate in Germany. The euro-denominated fund is exclusively managed by us.
Here you’ll find the performance updated on a daily basis.

Investment strategy

The guiding investment principles of our fund are the long-term preservation of purchasing power (preserving capital after taking account of inflation and all costs) as well as an increase in the capital invested. We want to keep achieving a positive net performance in every calendar year, regardless of capital market performance, as we have for the last 15 years.

We pursue an active, value-oriented global investment approach in all asset classes (“multi-asset”), employing several value strategies (“multi-strategy”) for each asset class. We see opportunistic investment management as a portfolio in which each part is expected to deliver the most attractive returns for the risks incurred.

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